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Sotogrande : Copa de Oro - Final
August 30 Valiente 14 v 11 Ellerston

Saturday dawned in Sotogrande with Gold Cup winners.Equus and Huntsman already celebrating their teams success in the Medium and Low Goal, now it was Finals day for the four qualifying High Goal teams. (Read more)

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August 14, 2014 Horse Guards
The Westminster Cup Wales 12 v 11 Ireland
The London Polo Championships England 11 v 15 Bangkok
2014 - Horse Guards Prize Giving

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Sotogrande : Copa de Bronce
July 30 Valiente 11 v 8 La Indiana
August 1 Final Valiente 11 v 7 Ayala

Sotogrande : Copa de Plata
Aug 5 Las monjitas 08 vs 10 Dos Lunas
Aug 9 Ellerston 16 v 13 RH
Aug 12 - Semi Final Valiente 15 vs 10 Ellerston
Aug 12 - Semi Final Ayala 15 vs 16 Dos Lunas
Aug 15 - Final Valiente 13 vs Dos Lunas

Sotogrande : Copa de Oro
Aug 17 Lechuza Caracas 10 vs 11 HB Polo
Aug 18 Las Monjitas 7 vs 11 Halcyon Gallery
Aug 19 Ayala 12 vs 7 King Power
Aug 20 Ellerston 16 vs 11 Dos Lunas
Aug 21 Ayala 10 vs 11 Valiente
Aug 24 Valiente 7 vs 6 HB Polo
Aug 27 - Semi Final Valiente 16 vs 10 RH
Aug 27 - Semi Final Ellerston 14 vs 12 King Power
Aug 30 - Final Valiente vs Ellerston

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The Audi International for The Coronation Cup Argentina 13 v 8 England
The Diamond Jubilee Trophy Apache 8 v 5 Chester Race Course
Potrillos Chukkar White 2 v 1 Blue
Blue   White
Will Harper   Zac Beim
Ned Hine   Luke Wyles
Mia Cambiaso   Cruz Heguy
Lucitas Monteverde   Adolfito Cambiaso

2014 Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup

July 16 12.00pm : Halcyon Gallery v Dubai
July 16 4.00pm : King Power v Lucchese

July 20 3.00pm : King Power v Dubai

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Cartier Queen's Cup - 2014
15th June 2014 - Finals (Queen's Cup) Zacara 10 vs 7 Talandracas

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9 September 2014
England triumphs at the final Audi International maintaining its unbeaten record at Chester Racecourse Polo Club
Chester Racecourse Polo Club welcomed spectators to the final test match in this year’s Audi International Polo Series on Saturday 6 September
8 September 2014
Chopard triumphed in Azerbaijan
Finally after three days of exciting polo, Team Chopard became the champion of the 2nd Grass Arena Polo World Cup Azerbaijan
31 August 2014
43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 35 – Gold Cup
Saturday dawned in Sotogrande with Gold Cup winners Equus and Huntsman already celebrating their teams’ success in the Medium and Low Goal, now it...
30 August 2014
43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 34 – Gold Cup
Things began to draw to a close in Sotogrande on Friday, with the Finals of the Gold Cup Low and Medium Goal taking place

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+ World Polo Rankings
  1. 1. Facundo Pieres
  2. 2. Adolfo Cambiaso
  3. 3. David Stirling Jr.
  4. 4. Juan Martin Nero
  5. 5. Gonzalo Pieres Jr.
  6. 6. Pablo MacDonough
  7. 7. Nicolas Pieres
  8. 8. Cristian Laprida Jr.
  9. 9. Mariano Aquerre
  10. 10. Hilario Ulloa

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Spanish Handicap Changes
18 September 2014
Polo ActionSubidas y bajadas de hándicap para 2015
Southampton Polo
18 September 2014
Polo ActionPolo offers everything that attracts people to any high intensity sport and it does so all at once: speed, danger, excitement, glamour, camaraderie, team work, strategic thinking, and interaction with wonderful athletes
From Smith’s Lawn to Brazil
17 September 2014
Polo ActionAs the bell echoed across Smith’s Lawn late on Sunday afternoon, it signalled not only the end of the match and Chairman’s Tournament, but the end of the 2014 season at Guards Polo Club
British Lady Polo Players travel to France
17 September 2014
Polo ActionFollowing in the success of the English gentleman players in France at the weekend, where they beat Ireland 6-3 in the FIP European 8 Goal Championships, it is now the turn of the British lady players to show the French their skill and talent
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