• Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series

    Mahra Polo keeps unbeaten and Dr. A-Bangash achieves the first victory at the Dubai Cup 2017


    Mahra Polo and Dr. A-Bangash won their respectives matches of the second day of action for the Dubai Cup, the last tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2017, held at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort.


    Dr. A-Bangash defeated Wolves by 6 goals to 1 and Mahra won a very tough match against Habtoor Polo by 7 goals to 4.5.


    With this results, Mahra, unbeaten in the tournament, will play the final next friday against Habtoor Polo. Patron Mohammed Al Habtoor´s team has one victory, achieved last Monday against Dr.A-Bangash. Despite that Dr. A-Bangash has also one victory, after beating today Wolves Polo, the “who beat who” rules of the tournament gives Habtoor Polo the spot in the final.


    Today´s matches progression:


    Dr. A-Bangash: 2-0/ 4-1/ 5-1/ 6-1


    Mahra Polo: 1-1.5/ 3-3.5/ 5-3.5/ 7-4.5


    The Dubai Cup, for teams from 6 to 8 goals handicap, will held the final matches next friday at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort.


    Starting at 4 pm, Wolves Polo will play against Dr. A-Bangash and from 5 pm Habtoor Polo will face Mahra in the final of the Dubai Cup 2017.