• Hurlingham Open - Day 1

    Alegria vs Chapaleufu


    The 4th game of the opening day in the 2017 Hurlingham Open saw Alegria dominate early in the game to defeat Chapaleufu 15-9 at Hurlingham Polo Club.


    The efficient passing attack of Alegria was the story throughout the game, as the ability of each player on Alegria to use the pass to start attacks, helped stretch the field and show off their horsepower. Utilizing quick backhands from Fred Mannix and Hilario Ulloa to transition into offence left Chapaleufu chasing in the first half. However, just as Chapaleufu began getting their own chances in the middle chukkas it was missed opportunities that kept them from making a comeback as they missed seven of their first ten shot attempts. 


    Alegria controlled play early in the game, converting six of eight shot attempts in the opening three chukkas. After winning the first chukka 3-0, Alegria duplicated that effort in the 2nd chukka to extend their lead to 6-0, with all four players already contributing at least one goal each. 


    Chapaleufu showed life in the 3rd chukka, led by three goals from Julian de Lusarreta, two from the field and one from the penalty line, as Eduardo Heguy controlled the defensive side of the ball, creating chances for his teammates downfield. A goal from Alberto Heguy, along with de Lusarreta’s 5th and 6th goals of the game cut the deficit to three goals, bringing Chapaleufu within reach of their opponents. The pace of the game slowed in the 4th and 5th chukkas as a combined ten fouls, resulted in two penalty goals for each team, allowing Alegria to maintain their lead heading into the final two chukkas.


    Alegria worked hard to keep Chapaleufu in front of them in the final two chukkers and it paid off as Chapaleufu only managed two shots in the final two chukkers, as Alegria separated themselves, led by Caset’s 7th goal of the game. Alegria restored their six goal advantage and finished with the convincing 15-9 victory.