• The King Power Gold Cup - Day 3

    Talandracas and Park Place are the winners on the third day of the 2018 King Power Gold Cup


    On the third day of the 2018 King Power Gold Cup Talandracas defeated Murus Sanctus 11-7, while Park Place defeated Monterosso 10-6 at Cowdray Park Polo Club.


    The opening game of the day saw Talandracas edge a close encounter, using a strong sixth chukka to score four unanswered goals in the victory. The potent team attack of Talandracas shot at goal 25 times, compared to just 11 for Murus Sanctus, but shot just 32%, keeping their opponent in the game. The additional chances from the field eventually proved to be the difference with Francisco Elizalde leading the way with six goals. 


    The first half showcased a game of runs as Murus Sanctus raced out to an early 3-0 start behind two goals from Ed Hitchman as Talandracas failed to find the goal on their three attempts. The momentum quickly reversed as Talandracas responded with a 3-0 chukka of their own to tie the game. Utilizing their throw-in wins, 

    Talandracas began to generate more chances at goal but continued to be inaccurate in their attempts, converting just 4 of their 10 shot attempts. While Murus Sanctus struggled to get past the back line of Francisco Elizalde and Alejandro Muzzio, they took advantage of their opportunities to maintain a 5-5 tie heading into halftime.  


    In the second half, Talandracas had begun a siege of Murus Sanctus’ goal line, but were unable to pull away in the game, converting just one of their first ten shot attempts at goal. Holding Murus Sanctus to just two shots in the entire second half, Talandracas was destined to pull away on the scoreboard and with two goals each from Muzzio and Elizalde, they scored four unanswered goals to separate themselves from Murus Sanctus. The final chukka saw three fouls from Murus Sanctus and zero shot attempts as the Talandracas attack won out in the end with the 11-7 victory.  


    The second game of the day saw Park Place take advantage of a foul-ridden Monterosso performance. Conceding five fouls in the opening chukka, Monterosso found themselves in an early deficit, which they were never able to fully recover from. Producing 19 shots, Monterosso had their opportunities, but their 21% accuracy allowed Park Place to protect their lead and finish with the four-goal victory.  


    The opening chukka saw Park Place’s Juan Britos convert all three of his penalty attempts to push his team to an early 4-1 lead. Park Place also shot at goal four times in a dominant first chukka but only made one of the four attempts to keep Monterosso within reach. Monterosso increased their attacks at goal but their inaccurate shooting kept them in a three-goal deficit. Content to match Monterosso in the remainder of the first half, Park Place and Monterosso scored two goals each resulting in a 6-3 lead in favour of Park Place. B


    The fourth chukka saw an opportunity for Monterosso to make their comeback due to three Park Place fouls, resulting in two penalty goals for Santiago Toccalino, but four more missed shots from the field prevented them from closing the deficit. With Park Place still holding their three-goal lead in the final chukka, Monterosso became desperate in attack but couldn’t overcome their inaccuracy in the game. Britos and Hilario Ulloa led the way for Park Place combining for eight goals, with Tommy Beresford scoring two impressive goals of his own in the victory for Park Place.