• The King Power Gold Cup - Day 9

    ALFI Investments Claim First win in 2018 King Power Gold Cup


    The ninth day of the 2018 King Power Gold Cup saw ALFI Investments claim their first victory of the tournament, defeating Emlor 12-9 at Cowdray Park Polo Club.


    In a match that was far closer than the score line suggests, ALFII Investments managed to secure the win, with a fast-paced style of play that led to a greater amount of penalty attempts. Nico and Polito Pieres combined to shoot a perfect 6 for 6 from the penalty line, which proved to be the difference in a game where both teams shot 50% from the field. Held to just ten shots in the game, including just four in the second half, Emlor worked hard to stay within reach but were unable to match ALFI Investments’ duo of Nico and Polito Pieres, alongside a strong performance from Jack Hyde that saw him pull the team forward throughout the game.


    ALFI Investments displayed their fast attack in a dominant first chukka, scoring three goals, two of which coming from Polito Pieres, while holding Emlor to zero shot attempts from the field. Emlor quickly bounced back in the second chukka as Agustin Merlos scored three goals of his own to bring his team even with ALFI Investments. By the end of the first half, ALFI Investments held a 6-5 lead, with Nico Pieres converting a penalty attempt and George Deverall scoring his first goal of the game. Merlos continued to pace the Emlor offense, scoring his fourth consecutive goal for his team as he looked to carry his team to victory in the second half.


    ALFI Investments’ Nico and Polito Pieres took control early in the second half, utilizing Jack Hyde up front while continuing to drive down field. Emlor struggled to contain the ALFI Investment attack, committing six fouls over the final three chukkas, resulting in four penalty goals for Nico Pieres. The offense from the penalty line for ALFI Investments allowed them to increase their lead to three, while their defence kept Emlor from closing the deficit. Spencer McCarthy converted his final two shot attempts from the field to complete a run of three straight goals for Emlor, but ALFI Investments had built a large enough lead that Emlor ran out of time in their comeback attempt. Nine goals from Nico and Polito Pieres were ultimately too much for Emlor as they carried their team to the 12-9 victory.