• Polo Challenge Dominican Republic 2017

    Lechuza Caracas remains undefeated

    The Copa de Plata will be defined this coming weekend


    After several days of adverse weather conditions, this past Thursday, two matches belonging to the 12-goal category of the Copa de Plata were held. At Casa de Campo, the locals defeated Costasur by a broad margin, 13-9. Meanwhile in Lechuza Caracas RD, Pitirri-El Palenque conquered the game and won 9-6 against La Patrona. 


    On Friday, the 22-goal category would have taken place in Lechuza Caracas RD and Casa de Campo, but due to rains in the area, the match between Cinque Terre and the local Lechuza had to be suspended. Luckily, the weather was somewhat different over Casa de Campo, and the match Casa de Campo vs. Sebucan HPA took place. The locals managed to dominate the game throughout all 6 chukkas, with Bete Donovan leading the way for his team through a great performance. His team managed to revise its strategy and earn more confidence, and it showed on the field, where they defeated one of the mightiest teams from the season, the Mannix brothers’ Sebucan HPA. The final score was 14-10.


    On Saturday, the match that was previously suspended due to rain, Lechuza Caracas vs. Cinque Terre, was played in the club belonging to the Venezuelan patron Victor Vargas. It was an excellent contest, on which Lechuza, as per their usual performance, was able to take the lead from the first chukka. Cinque Terre managed to tie the game on the third period, which ended on 3-3, but during the fourth period, Lechuza stepped up once again and finally won by 10-9.


    Later on, two matches of the 12-goal category took place. The first one pitted Casa de Campo against La Patrona. It was the second consecutive triumph for Casa de Campo, who had before defeated Costasur on Thursday. On this opportunity, they emerged victorious by 9-6. At the same time, Pitirri El Palenque hosted Costasur on its own field. Once again Pitirri scored a new win, meaning the quartet is the only undefeated team in the Copa de Plata so far. The final score of the match was 11-8. The challenge was to be resumed on Sunday, but once again, heavy rains watered the party, and the match between Lechuza Caracas and La Potranca was played on Monday at Los Establos. Lechuza, the only undefeated team so far, won again, by 10-7.


    Tomorrow Thursday, the last stage of the Copa de Plata begins. Matches for this last part are as follow: 


    Thursday, February 23rd

    Los Establos 16 hs. 

    La Potranca vs. Sebucan-HPA


    Casa de Campo 16 hs. 

    Cinque Terre vs. Casa de Campo


    Friday, February 24th


    Lechuza Caracas RD, 16 hs

    Lechuza vs. Casa de Campo 


    Saturday, February 25th


    Casa de Campo

    14 hs. Subsidiary finals 


    16 hs. Copa de Plata Final