• FIP World Championships

    Rabii Benadada appointed as Sponsorship Agent at the XI FIP World Championships

    The Moroccan Rabii Benadada has just been appointed as Sponsorship Agent at the XI FIP World Championships, due to take place in Australia in October 2017.


    Rabii holds a bachelor in Economy at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco and a Master’s degree in marketing and business development from the National School of Business and Management (ENCG) at Hassan 1 University in Settat, Morocco. Rabii also obtained a Master’s degree in sports management from the Institut supérieur de commerce et d’ administration des enterprises (ISCAE) in Casablanca, Morocco. Currently prepares a PhD in Sport Marketing at Rouen University in France.


    Rabii is an avid polo player and in Morocco plays with a handicap of 0 goals.


    For information, The World Polo Championship is a polo competition between countries. The event is organised by the sport's governing body, the Federation of International Polo (FIP), and is contested by the national teams. There is no restriction on the gender of the players. The inaugural tournament was held in 1987, hosted by Argentina, and is now contested every three or four years.