• Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament

    A fabulous day of polo for the next generation of stars at the fifth edition of the Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament


    Families and friends enjoyed a spectacular day of polo at the Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament, the children's competition brought together by two of the most renowned polo clubs worldwide, Guards Polo Club and La Aguada Polo Club.


    The tournament, now in its fifth year, and firmly established as one of the most popular in the polo calendar at Guards Polo Club, has taken place on Saturday July 8, at Guards Polo Club, in Windsor Great Park.


    This event not only builds friendships and creates bonds between some of the youngest players of the game in both England and Argentina, but also reinforces and develops the successful, partnership between Guards Polo Club and La Aguada Polo Club. These two great clubs have worked together for many years, creating events in both Argentina and England. 


    In addition, the Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament is creating an excellent platform for the next generation of players to develop their polo skills. As usual, La Aguada Polo Club had a strong presence on the day through the involvement of the Novillo Astrada brothers – Eduardo Jr., Ignacio and Alejandro. All of them are currently competing in the UK, as is La Aguada’s Polo Manager, Thomas Hume, who has remarked that "the aim of this tournament is to encourage the players to build strong bonds; get to know each other and make friends”.


    The Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament showcased three 11-15 year old lineups and four under 11 year old lineups, who showed their talent and skills as well as had fun, while playing for the La Aguada Cup and the Guards Cup, respectively.


    The results have been as follows:


    11-15 YEARS OLD


    • Guards
    • La Aguada
    • La Martina



          MVP: Segundo Darritchon (Guards)

          Fair Play: Max Spooner (La Martina)

          BPP: Cala (ridden by Cruz Heguy)







    • La Martina
    • Guards




    • La Aguada
    • Las Monjitas


    Fair Play: Celestino Merlos (Las Monjitas), Varvara Borodina (Guards)


    MVP: Beltrán Laulhé (La Aguada)


    Following the prize presentation, everybody was invited to attend to a fabulous BBQ at the Clubhouse, which all the kids, families and friends enjoyed. Definetly, a Saturday to remember. Thanks everybody for the support, looking forward to seeing you all next year!



    • 11-15 year old

    La Aguada: Cruz Heguy, Jemima Walker, Manuel Novillo Astrada, Timi Badriu

    La Martina: Antonio Heguy, Fred Thame, Max Spooner, Santiago Di Paola

    Guards Polo Club: Segundo Darritchon, Tomi Ojara, Tom Jodrell, Silvestre Heguy


    • Under 11 year old

    La Aguada: Rhett Wooldridge, Shrey Rawal, Beltrán Laulhé, Pedro Araya

    Guards Polo Club: Varvara Borodina, Louis Hine, Thomas Ballesteros, Estanislao Darritchon

    La Martina: Finlay Turner, Josh Hyde, Rufino Laulhé, Beltrán Di Paola

    Las Monjitas: Leonie Witman, Rishya Rawal, Rufino Merlos, Celestino Merlos



    10am – La Aguada Cup – Round Robin, two chukka games

    11-15 year old

    La Aguada 2 vs Guards Polo Club 2

    La Aguada 3 vs La Martina 2

    Guards Polo Club 4 vs La Martina 1

    11am – Guards Cup – Four teams, two (5 minutes) chukka games

    Under 11 year old

    La Aguada 1 vs La Martina 0

    Guards Polo Club 0 vs Las Monjitas 2

    La Martina 0 vs Guards Polo Club 1

    La Aguada 2 vs Las Monjitas 0

    12.30pm - Prize Presentation and BBQ at the Clubhouse