• FIP XI Polo World Championship

    The countdown is up: Sydney is ready to welcome the international polo community

    After a year and some more of careful preparation to deliver the best FIP World Polo Championship up to date, everything is set at the Sydney Polo Club to give both the spectators and players the experience of a lifetime.

    The XI FIP WORLD POLO CHAMPIONSHIP SYDNEY 2017 schedule has been planned with the aim to cater all tastes: besides world-class high-speed polo, there are evening events full of joyful live acts after every game day; combined with several equestrian disciplines such as rodeo, showjumping and even jousting (click for the schedule)

    The teams have now been confirmed, and some of the biggest names in polo, who have starred on the most relevant tournaments around the world such as the Torneo de Verano in Sotogrande, Deauville Gold Cup, St. Tropez summer season and many more, have already landed in the Australian cosmopolitan city to experience a polo feast like no other. 

    The teams have presented their shirts on Wednesday 18th at the Sydney Polo Club, and now it’s time to get some rest before the inaugural game day on Saturday 21st, that will be accompanied by Jousting, an art exhibition, vaulting, an opening ceremony, and finally closing off with live entertainment by Damage. 

    Peter Higgins (CEO WPC Sydney) and Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers (FIP President)

    Argentina, led by Diego “Topo” Braun and the United States will kick off the World Cup, in a game full of excitement. Both teams are well prepared and have been planning their strategies for long. The second match of the day will possibly be the most awaited and crowded of the day, the local team featuring polo stars Alec White and Jack Archibald among others, will face Spain, who counts with remarkable figures such as Pelayo Berazadi, Benjamin Araya and José Trenor in a thrilling dispute. 


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    Tomás María Panelo

    Héctor Guerrero

    Ignacio Javier Bello

    Lucio Fernández Ocampo

    Valentín Novillo Astrada

    Iván Maldonado

    Diego Braun


    Jack Archibald

    Alex Barnet

    Jake Daniels

    Jake Daniels

    George Hill

    Jack Kiely

    James Lester

    Daniel O’Leary

    Alec White



    José Zegers

    Martin Arrau

    Andres Vial Perez

    Jose Miguel

    Pereira Riesco

    María Silva Castelblanco

    Ignacio Vial Mazieres

    Antonio Eguiguren

    Jose Thomas von Unger Orchard



    Adolfo Casabal

    Edward Banner-Eve

    Henry Porter

    Josh Cork

    Peter Webb

    Satnam Singh Dhillon



    Angad Kalaan

    HH Sawai Padmanabh Singh

    Col Ravi Rathore

    Dhruv Pal Godara

    Pranav Kapur

    Siddhant Sharma

    Uday Kalaan



    Antonio Ayesa Guix

    Benjamín Araya

    Jaime Serra Diez

    José Marío Trénor Lowestein

    Luis Benjumea Llorente

    Mario Gomez

    Pelayo Berazadi Rózpide



    Bob Puetz

    Daniel Galindo

    Felipe Viana

    Jesse Bray

    Jimmy Wright

    Matías Gonzalez


    New Zealand

    Cody Forsyth

    Glen Sherriff

    Guy Higginson

    Henry Jones

    Jonny Jones

    Kit Brooks

    Mark Duncan

    Richard Hunt

    Adam Haworth

    Nick Keyte

    Sam Martin