• La Aguada Ladies Cup

    A great closing of the season: Matryoshka won the 10th La Aguada Ladies Cup


    Matryoshka beat a Queenstown Polo by a narrow 7-6 and claimed the X La Aguada Ladies Cup, the ladies competition that closed the busy and successful 2017  HSBC Spring Season at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina.


    Hazel Jackson took MVP honors and the Fair Play Award went to Marie Garnier. 

    Meanwhile, La Amistad Polo beat Hamburg Polo Powerpor 5-4 and won the Subsidiary. 

    The tournament featured four teams up to 14 goals (ladies handicap). 


    Thanks to you all for the support and for joining us during one more great year of polo at La Aguada Polo Club! We are very much looking forward to seeing you all next year!



    Queenstown Polo: Marie Godnier 0, Lynly Fong  2, Rebecca Walters 3, Lia Salvo 9. Total: 14  

    Hamburg Polo Power: Suzanne Rosenkranz 0, Billie Mascart 2, Mia Novillo Astrada 2, Sarah Wiseman 7.  Total: 13

    Matryoshka: Zhanna Bandurko 0, Raya Sidorenko 1, Camila Rossi 5, Hazel Jackson 8. Total: 14

    La Amistad Polo: Sofía Scuitto 1, Ginevra D’Orazio 3, Annabel MacNaught Davies 6, Stephanie Haverhals 3. Total: 13  


    Tuesday December 5

    10am: Queenstown Polo vs. Hamburg Polo Power

    11am: Matryoshka vs. La Amistad Polo Team

    Thursday December 7

    4pm: Matryoshka vs. Hamburg Polo Power

    5pm: Queenstown Polo vs. La Amistad Polo Team

    Friday December 8

    4pm: Hamburg Polo Power vs. La Amistad Polo Team 

    5pm: Queenstown Polo vs. Matryoshka