• Queen's Cup Pink Polo

    La Familia wins Queen's Cup Pink Polo


    After, La Familia snatching a win from Thai Polo in matter of seconds left on the clock in semi final with the score 8-7, they went on to face La Tabita The Polo Farm in the final round of Thai Polo Open.


    La Familia with 2 wins from La Esperanza and Thai Polo face off with La Tabita with 2 wins from Kuda Lari and La Esperanza.


    In the Final, La Tabita took the first goal, La Familia counter with 2 goals in first chukker.  La Familia pull away the lead with 4 goals in 2nd and 3rd chukker.  In the final chukker La Tabita fought back with 2 goals but was counter with 2 goal from La Familia.  The final score is La Familia 8 and La Tabita 3, with the victory goes to La Familia.