• Guards La Aguada Youth Tournament

    Teams and Fixtures set for the sixth edition of the Guards La Aguada Youth Tournament


    Teams comprised of young players of up to 15-years-old are set to play the sixth Guards La Aguada Youth Tournament, jointly hosted by Guards Polo Club and La Aguada Polo & Casa de Campo. This already very popular competition of the packed polo calendar at Guards Polo Club will take place on Saturday, 23rd June, at the prestigious club in Windsor Great Park


    The event strengthens the very successful long-time bond between two of the most renowned polo clubs of the world - Guards Polo Club and La Aguada Polo Club. Both clubs have built a very close partnership and friendship and work together organising events in Argentina and England. As usual, the Guards La Aguada Youth Tournament will have two of the Novillo Astrada brothers in attendance – Eduardo and Alejandro, who are currently playing at the British polo season, as well as the La Aguada Polo Manager, Thomas Hume.


    Action will start at 10.00 AM and the tournament will showcase a total of seven teams, divided into two categories – 11-15 years old (four teams) and under 11-years old (three teams).


    Guards Polo Club and La Aguada Polo Club are delighted to welcome everybody to have a great time in this very special event, to support and watch the children while they have fun and play polo in a friendly competition as well as spend a fantastic Saturday, with family and friends, two of the most remarkable values of polo.



    • 11 -15 years old

    La Aguada: Lucas Monteverde Jr., Tomi Ojara, Timi Badiru, TBC

    La Martina: Ruqayyah Nordeen, Max Sponer, Benjamin Quiroga, Max Hyde

    Guards Polo Club: Shrey Rawal, Beltrán Laulhé, Suleyman Nordeen, Adolfo Cambiaso Jr.

    Flemish Farm: Zara Matthews, Finlay Turner, Beltrán Di Paola, Josh Hyde

    • Under 11 years old

    La Aguada: Ava Burke, Felix Toccalino, Ali Otamendi, Lucio Novillo Astrada

    Guards Polo Club: Leander Sautter, Francisco Spinacci, Rufino Laulhé, Nina Matthews

    La Martina: Rishya Rawal, Haroum Nordeen, Estanislao Darritchon, TBC